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Veichi AC61 Injection Molding Machine Frequency Inverter

Veichi AC61 –ZK series IMM purpose inverter is developed based on Veichi high reliability running AC60 general purpose inverter, which added injection molding machine energy saving control function. It suits for all kinds of IMM with fixed displacement pump.


Three phase 380V, 11kw to 75kw.

Product features

● Design special for IMM (hydraulic purpose inverter) with strong overload capacity.250% rated current for 0.2, 180% for 10s. ( AC60 Z type) 

● Configure injection molding machine special control software. H group parameters for IMM. 

● Built in signal converter for receiving 0-1A,0-5/10V, 0/4-20mA. Retrofitting without any modification of IMM.

● Fully-enclosure design( dust proof, air proof and ant-corrosion )

● High efficiency, high stability and low harmonic

● Automatic fault reset and various motor protection function.

● Dual utility grid /energy-saving running circuit.

● Improve the power factor, reduce the power loss, soft starter and no impact current for IMM system.

● Remains the same original starting wiring of motor Y-△, easy for retrofitting.

● Don't change anything of original IMM hydraulic system, computer controller system.

● Built it specialized controlling software, enable to convert the proportional signal of IMM to difference V/f curve for motor speed adjusting better.

   Professional IMM drive control solution, unique SVPWM optional design, enable motor high efficiency running, good energy saving,which  up to 25% to 65%. 

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