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VEICHI AC80T-H Inverter For Tower Crane lifting

Veichi AC80T-H tower crane lifting inverter is designed special for tower crane lifting, equips stall prevention, hook slipping prevention and braking periodic detection function.etc in close loop vector control mode, high stability and reliability. 


3 phase, 380V, 18kw to 160kw.

Production features:

1. Combine frequency inverter ( VSD) and braking unit together, no need connect external braking unit.

2. Stall prevention function 

Inverter will release braking signal to realized emergency braking when detecting the actual speed over 115% than rated speed.

3. Hook slipping prevention function

In close loop vector control mode, if inverter detects motor start rotating will enable this function to lock inverter in 0 speed output when it located in standby status. Provides maximum protection for system safety operation.

4.  Automation speed up function when light load(flux weakening speed up)

Tower crane will speed up when light load( less than 30% of rated load) or no load to improve efficiency.


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 5. Braking periodic detecting function

During in braking close mode, press corresponding button of Operation boxwill activate this function.

Inverter output 180% rated torque ( adjustable ), checking if the motor speed is zero or not to judge braking if has been adjusted properly.

6. Built in GPS/GPRS communication terminal port

Built in GPS/GPRS communication terminal port, uses it for satellite position and remote monitor. Remote lock and unlock function is available.

 7. Special logical braking control function

To achieve logical braking function through releasing braking frequency, releasing braking current, braking releasing time, braking closing time. etc special function configuring, to ensure the safety and reliability of system.

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