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Veichi SF81 Injection Molding Machine Servo Drive

SF81 System provides precise pressure and flow controls for each injection molding process and solves the energy waste issues of traditional injection molding machine. This solution helps to improve product quality, market competitiveness and productivity.

SF81 injection molding machine servo drive regulates the speed of motor and oil pumps according to the required pressure and flow signal in difference working process. The servo system collects real time pressure of pipe by pressure sensor and then do signal comparison calculating with signal came from upper controller, to achieve pressure and speed dual close loop control, automation adjust the speed of motor no need discharge excess oil by throttle control to tank. The energy saving up to 20% to 60%


 3 phase, 380V, 11 to 75kw.

1.  High energy saving ability : 20% to 60% less energy consumption than variable displacement pump hydraulic systems.

2. High stability: Dual control mode in close loop pressure and flow, repetitive accuracy of system is higher than tradition hydraulic control system.

3. Fast dynamic response speed: quick response servo control function, 0.1 s acceleration and deceleration time is available.

4. Strong overload capacity: With 3 times overload capacity, which make IMM run stably in frequency fluctuates frequently.

5. Multiple channels for frequency input, proportional pressure signal and flow signal can be connected to inverter simultaneously, support 0-1A/0-5A, 0-10V/0-5V, 4-20mA/0-20mA.

6. Rich frequency reference combination setting, 4 kinds of frequency reference setting via combination of pressure signal and flow signal is available. Completely to meet all kinds of IMM process.

7. Lower running noise. Running noise reduce remarkable, more quiet running In low speed, less than 70 DB in good condition.

8. Good pressure keeping: close loop pressure control, stably pressure keeping time.

9. Built back up utility grid circuit / energy saving circuit, ensure system continue running don’t affect the product AC servo system has problem.

10. Low oil temperature for a long term operation. Output oil proportionally with motor control by servo drive to avoid generate redundant heat. It saves a lot of water due to oil even no need cooling no more.

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