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Veichi LCD keypad 

Veichi LCD is designed for user reading function code convenient intuitively

1. Support Chinese and English display, compatible with Veichi LED keypad function.

2. Display and monitor 2 parameters in simultaneously under runs mode and stop mode.

3. Use the vivid icon to show the running, stop and fault status, make customer understand and memory inverter operation status easily.

4. Configured the parameters copy function. Parameters download is available for the same series inverter, convenient for user mass parameters copy.

5. User enable to set the frequency via potentiometer of keypad.


1. If need to select LCD keypad for special industrial inverter, please call us first.

2. It should be identify the model of inverter first before selecting the LCD keypad. Matching model refer to following:

Model of LCD

Matching model of inverter of Veichi




AC60、AC60B and AC80B

KB03B and KB03B version

AC60、AC60B and AC80B

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