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This integrated drive is special designed for ball milling machine to achieve energy saving and efficiency improving.

It helps customers obtain remarkable economic benefit and reduce the environmental pollution.

This product integrated host and slave control. ( slave control using commercial fixed frequency), ball milling special program, rich I/O       monitor… It is a high efficiency VSD special for ball milling.


Three phase 380V, 93kw to 280kw

Product features: 

1. Large torque output,180% rated torque output in low speed is available. It can satisfy the requirement of big ball milling loading and protect equipment runs stably in frequency running status.

2. Host-slave machine friendly design, easy for installation, commissioning and maintenance.

 Select world top brand low voltage components, the instrument monitors ball milling relative parameters in real time.

3. Ball milling integration inverter will reduce the running frequency according to grinding condition of product, to achieve best energy saving effect.

4. Has perfect protection function up to 20 kinds, provide over voltage, over current, over load, stall prevention, over load of slave machine and short circuit function, etc.

5. Ball milling inverter no trip running in any acceleration/deceleration and any load impact condition. Improve the working efficiency in energy saving mode.

6. Soft start, limit starting peak current, won’t cause any impacting to grid, and reducing any machine vibration, extend equipment working life span.

7. It has parameters copy function, easy for using and operation.

8. Independent cooling air duct design, good heat dissipation to make sure inner component of inverter working good.


Ceramic industry, Glass, Steel, Mining Industry, Cement Industrial

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